Future Features

This is a list of POSSIBLE future enhancements, which is likely to change as new or better ideas come along, but will still give you a sense of direction to the project. 

KootNet Sensors – PC Control Center

General Enhancements

  • Add “Threading” to the sensor checks and data grabs – All at once or in groups, instead of one by one
  • Create SQL Database Modifier – Split, Combine, Change Sensor Names, update layout to newer versions, etc.
  • Make program a Web App using Plotly’s “Dash” (Looking into it)
  • Add or Change Multiple wireless networks for sensors in config
  • Create a “Reverse Connection Mode” or a whole new Application for Reverse Connections
    • Have Sensors connect to the server, instead of server connecting to sensors
    • No need for VPN router or opening the firewall on the Sensor side
    • Only setup port forwarding on the server side
    • Sensors automatically check in, no need to initialize anything
    • Pre setup a list of commands for one or more sensors once they get online
      • Upload database, upgrade software, reboot, etc.

Configuration Enhancements

  • Add Sensor recording intervals
  • Add Sensor recording triggers

Sensor Details HTML Generation

  • Add Free SD Card space

Graphing Enhancements

  • Add graph type selection
  • Add ability to do side by side comparison for multiple sensor databases
  • Show at which point in time the Sensor(s) change their Name (Location Identifier)

Sensor Hardware

Software Enhancements

  • Add support for more Sensors
  • Add Log to save history of when and what was run for network commands
  • Create single test program to show all installed sensor readings.  

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