Build a Kootnet Sensor
** WIP: This will be updated with better instructions as time goes on **

Currently Supported Add-On Sensor’s
Raspberry Pi products: SenseHAT
Pimoroni products: BH1745, BME680, EnviroPHAT, LSM303D, VL53L1X

** Note: You can send me a message to add new sensor support, so long as the sensor supports the Raspberry Pi and has a Python3 library **

User Requirements
1. Basic TCP/IP Version 4 concepts
IP Address, Subnet, Gateway

2. Basic operations of the Gnu/Linux terminal text editor "nano"
Press Ctrl + x" to quit

3. How to accesses a terminal in Raspbian
Raspberry Pi Menu -> Accessories -> Terminal

Required Hardware
Raspberry PiThe Raspberry Pi 3B+ & Zero W have been tested, but it should also work on earlier models
Optional – additional sensors (See currently supported sensor’s above)

Install Instructions
The installer script will modify /etc/network/interfaces, replace the root users crontab & reboot the Raspberry Pi. This installation also includes a copy of the Control Center program to manage up to 16 sensors.
** Note: The installer can take awhile, especially on the Raspberry Pi Zero models (60 minutes or more). This is due to a required numpy rebuild **

Step 1. Physically Install your Sensor(s) onto the Raspberry Pi
Step 2. Install Raspbian OS
Step 3. Enable SPI and I2C in the Raspberry Pi Configuration window on the "Interfaces" tab
Step 4. Make sure you are connected to the Internet with your Pi, then run the following command in a terminal to start the installer

wget && chmod +x && sudo bash && sudo reboot

The installer will open default configuration files to be configured, after which it will continue to download program files, install necessary Python libraries, update Raspbian itself, and finally reboot the sensor.

Once the Raspberry Pi comes back up, your sensor should be ready!

Uninstall Sensor Software
This will remove all sensor software including Kootnet Sensors – Control Center, after which it will restore /etc/network/interfaces & /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf. Sensor data, logs and configurations are untouched, with the exception of the Control Center configuration, which is removed.

sudo bash /home/kootnet_data/scripts/