Help Document for KootNet Sensor Units

As of right now, a Raspberry Pi is required at the very least with the option of adding supported Sensors. Additional Sensor support can be added fairly easily so long as the Sensor supports Python3, the Raspberry Pi and you have a bit of Python knowledge. I have yet to add a section on adding your own sensor support.

To make your own Sensor, find the instructions on the Programs Website or in the Help menu of Kootnet Sensors – PC Control Center.

Re-Configure the Sensor

This will open and allow you to edit all the configuration files, one after another, then restart the sensor programs and print to screen the current configuration and run sensor tests.

Note: You can type in part of a command, then hit the ‘tab’ key on your keyboard to auto complete the command. For example, type sudo ./edit then hit the ‘tab’ key to complete the line.

sudo ./

Test the Sensor

This will test the currently selected sensors in your configuration. If all is working well, it will grab the readings off the sensors and print them on the screen. If somethings wrong, it will either print an error and or all 0 for the data readings.


Program Auto Start

The Sensor programs automatically start and restart them selves through systemd Services.

Run one or more of the following commands. Each line disables the corresponding program and stops it. To re-enable auto start and start the programs, run the command for Re-Configuring your Sensor.

sudo systemctl disable SensorCommands && sudo systemctl stop SensorCommands

sudo systemctl disable SensorInterval && sudo systemctl stop SensorInterval

sudo systemctl disable SensorTrigger && sudo systemctl stop SensorTrigger

Configuration & Files

KootNet Sensor program files are located in /home/sensors/.

/home/pi/KootNetSensors/zInstalled.txt = When the Sensors was setup

/home/pi/KootNetSensors/LastUpdated.txt = When and how the Sensor was last updated

/home/pi/KootNetSensors/installed_sensors.txt = Supported and enabled Sensors

/home/pi/KootNetSensors/config.txt = Sensor configuration

Clean Upgrade” Scripts

These 2x Upgrades scripts delete the program directory /home/sensors/ & scripts in /home/pi/ then re-installs the programs, while keeping the configuration and data files.

/home/pi/KootNetSensors/ = Clean HTTP Upgrade

/home/pi/KootNetSensors/ = Clean SMB (Windows Share) Upgrade

** ** Requires: /home/sensors/ to be configured

** ** Optional: can modified /home/sensors/ to use your own HTTP Server **

SQLite3 Database Files

/home/pi/KootNetSensors/data/SensorIntervalDatabase.sqlite = Interval Recordings

/home/pi/KootNetSensors/data/SensorTriggerDatabase.sqlite = Trigger Recordings

Log Files

Operations_log.txt = Contains Configuration and Database operations and errors

Sensor_Commands_log.txt = Contains Network Command operations and errors

Sensors_log.txt = Contains Sensor errors