New Hourly Rate

Starting September 1st, 2012 I will be changing my hourly rate to $70 in order to match competition and reflect my education and skills. However, to help accommodate tight budgets and to provide the best service available to every one, I am also offering the following.


Any contract work that falls in the category bellow will be charged at $50 instead of $70.


Monthly contract with 8 hours or more per month (paid monthly in advance)


Yearly contract with 48 hours or more (paid yearly in advance)


This time can be used in any way you like, but I recommend weekly or monthly visits to not only do regular & preventative maintenance but also discus any issues you may be having and or the future direction of your business technology. A few examples would be, planning for a server upgrade, getting a backup in place (or better one), comparing new and better software, and making every day tasks easier and more efficient, such as finding easier ways to share files with clients or collaborate with co-workers.


All time unused will be carried over to the next month / year respectively so long as the contracts are continued on a monthly or yearly basis. You may also use time for other things, such as personal computers or other businesses you have a connection with (example, if you own 2 separate businesses, you may use one contract for both).


Travel will be charged at half my usual rate. If there is no contract, then its $35 per hour, if you are under contract it will be $25 per hour (every 1 hour of travel is 1/2 an hour of time taken off the contract).


The following locations are all considered 1 hour travel for simplicity.  There is no travel time for within castlegar city limits.


Rossland, Trail, The Junction, Nelson


You may sign up for a contract right away, but my normal hourly rate will not change until September 1st.


If you have any questions please call me or send me an email!