KootNet Sensors

“Having more information is better than less & knowing how to use it, will give you an advantage.  This project is about creating links between different information and how they relate.  From this, you can start to see how changes in one area, affect others.  This is where your advantage starts and what this project hopes to give you.”

– Chad Ermacora

The goal of my Sensor Project is to create easy to use, modular software that can interface with different sensors and record data for Long and or Short term analysis.

The Sensor Project actually consists of multiple components, the PC software, the Software running on the Hardware, and the Hardware itself. All data recording is done on the local Sensor Hardware to ensure integrity and flexibility.

The PC Software Interfaces with said hardware over a TCP/IP network, in order to download your data, check on the sensor(s) status or manipulate it in some way (reboot, shutdown, update, etc).

The sensor hardware uses Raspberry Pis as the base system which you attach one or more supported sensors to.  About 16 sensors are supported as of this writing.

Because the sensors primarily use wireless as their method of communication, you can purchase a USB powered wireless router, such as the GL.iNet MT300N-V2 along with a USB battery bank, and setup it and the sensors to connect to each other in order to gain a mobile base station.  By using this mobile base station, you can interact with Sensors within it’s wireless range using a mobile device like a phone, tablet or laptop.  This aids in sensor data collection or program upgrades when the sensors don’t have a permanent network connection and are placed in remote areas, like up a tree, in the water, down a hole, etc.  

The Sensor Data is recorded into a SQL database (SQLite3) for compatibility and reliability. SQL is a well known supported format, so importing the data into 3rd party applications should be relatively easy. 

You can access Installers and Source code Here

Latest Control Center Screenshot

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