KootNet Sensors

“Having more information is better than less & knowing how to use it, will give you an advantage.  This project is about creating links between different information and how they relate.  From this, you can start to see how changes in one area, affect others.  This is where your advantage starts and what this project hopes to give you.”

– Chad Ermacora

The goal of my Sensor Project is to create easy to use, modular software that can interface with different sensors and record data for Long and or Short term analysis.

Kootnet Sensors use Raspberry Pis as the base system of which you attach one or more supported sensors.  You can use and configure one or more Kootnet Sensors through the built in Web Portal.  From the Web Portal, you can also view system information, live sensor readings, graphs and even automatically upload readings at a set interval to 3rd party online services like Open Sense Map.  Settings can also be customized, such as installed sensors, temperature offset, recording interval, etc.

Sensor Data is recorded into an SQLite3 database for compatibility and reliability. Public documentation on SQLite3 makes it relatively easy to extract data from the database and use it in 3rd party applications.  

See links below for more information. 

Online Demo
Pictures & Screenshots
Installers & Source Code

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