Features List

General Features

  • Open Source Software using the GNU General Public License 3 & Python 3 – See License Details Here
  • Available on GitHub – chad-ermacora
  • Use & Configure through the built-in Webserver
    • No app install required for interaction
  • SQLite3 used for sensor recording
  • Supports MQTT Publisher, Subscriber & Broker
  • Uses low cost & readily available Raspberry Pi hardware
  • Supports 25+ Sensors from a variety of manufacturers
    • Your sensor not supported? Make a request

KootNet Sensors – Web Portal

The Web Portal is the primary method of using, configuring and visualizing data from one or more sensors.

  • Access the Sensor’s Web Portal from any computer on the same network.  All you need is a web browser.
  • Create interactive Plotly graphs on the fly using up to date readings
  • Save notes to the same database that holds the readings
  • Manage up to 20 other Kootnet Sensors at a time
  • Generate a variety of Sensor(s) Reports
    • System, Configuration, Sensors Test
  • Track and monitor multiple sensors with the built-in “Sensor Checkin” server

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