Sensor Data Usage

I’m posting a few idea’s for what short term and long term Sensor Recordings could be used for.  In doing this, I hope to give a better understanding of what kind of information can be gathered and how it might correlate to something useful.  This does not mean that any specific idea listed here will be of any particular use for your needs.  The idea is to get you thinking of possibilities. 

With a large enough dataset of information, all recorded at the same time, with flexible intervals and or triggers, you can start to get a bigger picture of whats going on around you.  Having long term records, with intervals you get to choose, both for recording the data to begin with and for choosing the interval for what gets graphed or measured, it becomes a useful tool for comparing specific local or global events and their effects, as well as long term impacts to other areas we might otherwise think are disconnected.

General Environmental Monitoring

  • Track Temperature, pressure, humidity, air quality and light for general climate change over time. With a Thermal Camera, add a picture of the area, with the same date stamp as the other senors being recorded. 
    • Creek run dry over the years? does it have an impact on temperature? Vegetation? Wild Life?
    • How does a old forest compare to one that’s been replanted after clear cutting or wild fires?  How does the environment change over time as the new forest grows in? What is the difference in wildlife through the stages of re-growth? What % of wildlife drops when its first cleared or burned out?  Does it ever recover to the same amount? Does it do better? Does the wildlife return rate correlate to something else besides or in relation to the vegetation regrowth?
  • Add a proximity sensor to track wildlife that goes by.  Combine it with other sensors to correlate movement patterns and population size with other environmental factors and changes.  
  • Long term records allow you to compare present events to the past, so we can be more certain about their impact, especially leading into the future.  

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