KootNet Sensor Downloads

Current Versions
Kootnet Sensors - Beta.31.107 - Oct 14th, 2020
Control Center - Alpha.26.x - Aug 22nd, 2019 ** Depreciated **

Kootnet Sensors

Install or Update

Kootnet Sensors supports Debian Based Systems such as Debian, Ubuntu and Raspbian. Additional Hardware Sensors only work when installed on Raspbian. 
Note: Only tested on Raspbian and Ubuntu
Debian Installer
Installer MD5 Checksum

To install or update, download the Installer and double click it. 
If you need to install or update from a command line terminal, use this command. 

wget -O KootnetSensors.deb http://kootenay-networks.com/installers/KootnetSensors.deb && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y install ./KootnetSensors.deb


To remove, use your system’s software center and look for kootnet-sensors or run the following command from a terminal.

sudo apt-get remove kootnet-sensors

Source Code

Here is the link to my GitHub Account.  All my KootNet Sensor Programs & Scripts are licensed under the GPL version 3

GitHub Page

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