KootNet Sensor Downloads

Current KootNet Sensors Version: Alpha.24.150 – May 1st, 2019
If running version Alpha.21.xx or older, don’t use the upgrade installer

Control Center

Windows x32 – Windows 7 or Newer
Download Setup – Includes Python 3.7.2 & Modules
Download Upgrade – Program updates ONLY (Requires a previous install with a Setup installer)
Installers MD5 Checksums

GNU Linux
Terminal installer command

wget http://kootenay-networks.com/utils/koot_net_sensors/Installers/raspbian/control-center/installer_linux_online.sh && chmod +x installer_linux_online.sh && sudo bash installer_linux_online.sh

Raspberry Pi Sensor

Raspbian installation instructions
Sensor Help File

Demo Sensor Unit Database

Here is a demo DataBase from one of my Sensors.  Use it to test some of the Programs Functions

Download Sensor DataBase

Source Code

Here is the link to my GitHub Account.  All my KootNet Sensor Programs & Scripts are licensed under the GPL version 3

GitHub Page

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