Features List

General Features

  • Open Source Software using the GNU General Public License 3 & Python 3
  • Remote, Mobile and Local methods for interacting with sensor(s)
    • Use the USB powered Raspberry Pi Controller with a USB powered mini router for Mobile Sensor access within wireless range
    • Take the SD Card out of the Sensor unit and download the Database for offline access
    • Access Sensors over a TCP/IP Network
    • Add a OpenVPN router on the Sensor side for secure Sensor access over the Internet
    • Use wireless PTP links to give access to remote locations, 50KM away or more
    • Add a 3G or 4G adapter to give Internet access through the cell phone network
  • Flexible Sensor Storage & Recording
    • SQLite 3 storage format
    • Take the Sensor Database(s) and convert them for use with 3rd party application
  • Sensors units based on the Raspberry Pi
  • Modular design for adding new Sensors

KootNet Sensors – PC Control Center

Primary PC Application to Check, Interact with and visualize Sensors and their Data.

  • Cross compatible with Linux, Windows & Mac  (Only Windows installers available right now)
  • Available on GitHub – chad-ermacora
  • Create Graphs from recorded Sensor Databases using Plotly Graphing Library
    • Chose what Sensor readings to include in your Graph 
    • Adjust Graph Date Range
    • Hour offset for timezone adjustment – **Database is in UTC 0
    • SQL Queries to Skip
    • Temperature offset
  • Interact with Sensors over a TCP/IP network
    • Check Sensor status
    • Generate a detailed status page of one or more Sensors
    • Upgrade Software through SMB or HTTP
    • Reboot or Shutdown one or more Sensors
    • Restart Sensor Programs
    • Download Database
    • Update one or more Sensor names

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