Features List

General Features

  • Open Source Software using the GNU General Public License 3 & Python 3 – See License Details Here
    • Use it free of charge, as is or modify it to your projects needs
    • Available on GitHub – chad-ermacora
  • Remote, Mobile and Local methods for interacting with sensors
    • Over a TCP/IP network such as the Internet
      • Recommend adding a VPN when using over the Internet
      • Sensor’s Local Web server
    • Physically with a Linux computer & the sensors SD card
  • Flexible SQLite 3 sensor storage & recording
  • Cheap & readily available hardware
    • Raspberry Pis and supported Sensors

KootNet Sensors – Control Center

Primary application to check, interact with and visualize sensors data from one or more sensors.

  • Cross compatible with Windows & Linux
    • Mac support coming in the future
  • Graphing
    • Plotly Library for SQL Database Graphing
    • MatPlotLib for Live Graphing
  • Manage sensor(s)
    • Verify Online Status
    • Download databases
    • Primary Configuration
    • WiFi Configuration
    • Installed Sensors
    • Trigger Variances
    • Restart Program, Reboot System, Shutdown System
  • Generate a variety of Sensor(s) Reports
    • System, Configuration, Sensors Test
  • Multiple Update Methods
    • Microsoft Windows Shares
    • HTTP

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