I thought I would mention a little bit about the Chromebook.  Although a bit limited, it has some very practical uses!  I have had one for about a year now and although the one I have is a slower model, it work really well for what it does.  

So when would you want a Chromebook?  If you are just using the internet and web apps such as Google's docs, online radio, webmail, etc then you should really consider the Chromebook.  It is self updating, secured by design and boots / shuts down REALLY quickly, even on my slow model, its booted and ready to go in about 30 seconds from cold boot.  

So it all sounds great, right?  Fast, secure, auto-updates and no worries!  

So when would you NOT want to get a Chromebook?  If you manage a lot of local files, such as your music collection and movies.  Apparently there is a way to upload all your music to Google's drive and stream it, but I have not done so myself.  You may not like a Chromebook if you have unreliable internet access, as most things require a internet connection.  That being said, you can do offline documents through Google docs and email.  Also remember you can NOT buy software at your local store and install it on a Chromebook.  Everything on the Chromebook is done online through the Chrome web browser (which is essentially what a Chromebook is, a computer that boots right to the Chrome browser).  

You may run into issues with external hardware, such as printers, camera's, scanners, etc.  So keep in mind, this is intended as a complimentary device, not as a do everything device like your standard computer. 

In conclusion, this is a awesome product to use exclusively on the web and there are more and more web apps coming out every day.  If you are tiered of your home computer crashing all the time or getting viruses and spyware and adware, then give a Chromebook a try.  Not only is it fast, secure and reliable, but its also fairly cheap.  

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