Used Computers

Looking for a used computer?  I get old computers that still work fine from clients!  Right now they are starting to pile up, so if you are interested in one, send me an email through the contact page and you can pick one up for as little as $25!  They are at least a pentium 4 around the 2GHz range with 256MB of RAM.  This is for the tower only! No monitor (although I should be able to get a keyboard / mouse for you if needed).  

These computers are great for internet browsing, checking your email and word editing.  They are also prime for learning about the insides of a computer through taking it apart and putting it back together.  Also good for testing out new operating systems like Linux or even seeing what happens when you put a version of windows XP with no service packs online ^_^  

All computers will be re-loaded with a fresh copy of the operating sytem + updates, drivers, office suite and media player, usually Windows XP or xubuntu if you want a snapier computer.  

If you are a non-profit, school / educational institue or low income family, you can get them for free!  

I can also drop it off and help hook it up if needed for an additional $25 to areas such as Nelson, Trail, Rossland, Salmo, Castlegar, etc.  If you do want me to help you hook it up, make sure you have all the nessisary parts!  You need a monitor already, and let me know before hand if you also require a keyboard / mouse.  

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