Getting close to the end of 2020

Another decade has almost gone by. Kootenay Networks has been going steadily forward with minimal clients while I’m the stay at home dad and working on personal projects (Programming Kootnet Network Testers and Kootnet Sensors).

More and more technology is moving to the “cloud” and it has been interesting to see the development of new servers and services, such as NextCloud as an all in one cloud solution for more private in house server deployment or to set up on virtual services like the Amazon Web Services. NextCloud allows for file synchronization, like Dropbox, OneDrive and Apple cloud, and has additional functions like email, calendar, contacts, text/voice/video communication and the ability to edit documents in the web browser (like Microsoft Office 365). It also has a lot of extensions to add additional functionality. Of course, Covid-19 has played a role in our changing technology landscape. Working remotely is now a normal part of many jobs. Chromebook usage has soared for using online video chat programs like Zoom and doing school from home.

It will be interesting to see how technology develops in the next 10 years. Will remote work still be as prevalent after Covid-19? Maybe quantum computers will be a thing, which will drastically change our security landscape, since quantum computers will have very little trouble cracking pretty much every security encryption we have to date.

Stay safe this holiday season and here’s hoping 2021 will be awesome!

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