2019 Coming to a close

Kootenay Networks I.T. has had a good year as most work remains in the area of maintenance and upgrades. Any “disaster” has been more of a minor annoyance thanks to each and every client being prepared already with good backups and redundant hardware. Uptime remains high and downtime remains low.

In other news, I have updated Kootnet Network Testers. If you are a network technician, looking to test network routes between point A and point B or simply test Ethernet cables, this is for you! Install it on 2 Raspberry Pis to create mobile network testers. They run MTR and iPerf to test latency and Throughput between the 2 units. The best part of all, the software is Free and Open Source!
Learn more here: https://github.com/chad-ermacora/rp-network-testers

If you are interested in environmental monitoring you may want to check out the Kootnet Sensors section on the website. ‘Kootnet Sensors’ is a project I have been working on for over a year to monitor, record and visualize environmental sensor data. It is Free Open Source Software that runs on top of a Raspberry Pi computer. Sensors are added to monitor things like heat, pressure, humidity, light and motion. Kootnet Sensors currently supports 13 different sensor types and over 16 different hardware sensors. For work, I use them to monitor heat and humidity levels in server rooms but I actually made them to monitor multiple outdoor locations in order to visualize (graphs over time) how our environment is changing and to keep records for the future.
Learn more here: https://github.com/chad-ermacora/sensor-rp

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